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8-10 Battery Protection IC


◆ Overcharge protection: Threshold range: 2.800V, 3.650V~3.900V、 4.100 V~4.500 V, accuracy: ± 25 mV ◆ Discharge protection: Threshold range 1.200V, 2.100V~3.000V, 100mV step Accuracy: ± 80mV

◆ Discharge overcurrent protection: Discharge overcurrent 1 Threshold range: 0.050V~0.100V, ± 310mV accuracy Discharge overcurrent 2 Threshold range: 0.100V~0.200V, ± 20 mV accuracy Short circuit protection Threshold range: 0.200V~0.500V, ± 50 mV accuracy 

◆ Charging overcurrent protection: Threshold range: -0.010V~0.050V, positive and negative 3mV accuracy 

◆ Temperature detection function High and low temperature protection for charging and discharging, temperature can be set externally 

◆ Equalization function

◆ Disconnection detection function 

◆ Load detection function 

◆ Electronic lock function 

◆ Low power design 

◆ Sleep state:<2 μ A Normal mode:<35 μ A 

◆ Packaging form: SSOP-28


 ◆ Electric scooter 

 ◆ Electric tool 

 ◆ Backup power supply 

 ◆ Lithium ion and lithium polymer battery packs


The SF5110 series of products is a highly integrated 8 to 10 series lithium battery protection chip. Support up to 10 strings of ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate battery applications. The SF5110 provides battery packs with overcharge, over discharge, charge discharge overcurrent, wire breakage, charge discharge high and low temperature protection, and equalization functions, as well as electronic lock functions.

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