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                                                    Constant Voltage and Constant Current Controller


   Secondary Side Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) Control

   Wide VCC Operating Range (3.3V to 36V)

   Trimmed 1% Internal Voltage Reference

   Wired or Open-Drain Output Stages

   Low External Component Count

   Low Supply Current: 0.5mA

   Easy Frequency Compensation

   Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 105


   Battery chargers


   AC/DC LED lighting


SFL100 is a highly integrated solution for SMPS applications requiring a dual control loop to perform CV (constant voltage) and CC (constant current) regulation.

SFL100 has wide VCC operating range (3.3V to 36V). The IC integrates a 1.21V voltage reference with ±1% accuracy, two Op-Amps (with OR-d open drain outputs), and a low side current sensing circuit. The voltage reference, along with one Op-Amp, is the core of the voltage control loop; the current sensing circuit and the other Op-Amp make up the current control loop

SFL100 is available in SOT23-6 packages.

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