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                                                       Fast Turn-off Intelligent Controller


The SF6901 is a Low-Drop Diode Emulator IC that, combined with an external switch replaces Schottky diodes in high-efficiency, Flyback converters. The chip regulates the forward drop of an external switch to about 70mV and switches it off as soon as the voltage becomes negative. FS6901 is offered in a space saving SOT23-6 package.


·       Works with both Standard and Logic Level FETS

·       Compatible with Energy Star, 1W Standby Requirements

·       VCC Range From 4.5V to 32V

·       Fast Turn-off Total Delay of 20ns

·       Max 400kHz Switching Frequency

·       < 1mA Low Quiescent Current

·       Supports CCM, DCM and Quasi-Resonant Topologies

·       Supports High-side and Low-side Rectification

·       Power Savings of Up to 1.5W in a Typical Notebook Adapter



·       Industrial Power Systems

·       Distributed Power Systems

·       Battery Powered Systems

·       Flyback Converters

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