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Secondary-Side Synchronous Rectifier


   Supports both High-side and Low-side rectification

   No need external power supply

  Supports DCM, BCM, CCM and Quasi-Resonant operation

  Supports the Flyback topology

  Low quiescent current

  Under-voltage protection

  Fast driver capability for CCM operation

  SOP-8 package





   Flyback converters




SF7719X is a high performance secondary side switch for synchronous rectification (SR) of flyback.


Using SF7719X to replace diode can effectively reduce the secondary side rectifier power dissipation and increase efficiency for system.


SF7719X turns on the internal MOSFET When it senses VDS of internal MOSFET less than -300mV and turns off the internal MOSFET when the VSWS is greater than -10mV.


SF7719X supports multiple operation modes, such as DCM, BCM, CCM and Quasi-Resonant.


SF7719X is offered in SOP8 package.

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