Management Team

Sifirst Technologies have a innovative design team build up with Doctor, Master and domestic semiconductor senior design specialist, they have more than 10 years working experience in famous semiconductor company ,with Strong theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.

Corporate Culture

Company ideology

Market orientation, Professionalism&efficiency, Openness&win-win, Persistence, Respect achievement

Management philosophy

Teamwork,Organization&discipline, Honesty&respect, Professionalism&fairness,Continuous learning

Company vision

Pursue excellence, lead the industry

Core values

Continuous innovation, perfection&beauty; Customer oriented, value win-win

Career Development

This land let the seed break ground,sprout,and growing incessantly. In this land, you can grow up along the path of development managerial or professional type of careers.

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Field Application Engineer(FAE)

  • Workplace::ShenZhen
  • Responsibility:
  • 1. Responsible for product marketing, product promotion to assist in the preparation of required materials
  • 2. Track the project schedule, organize feedback to customer needs
  • 3. Responsible for the design of client program, debugging and production into the forefront of the market for information collection
  • 4. Responsible for customer service and customer technical support customer production yield improvement plan
  • Requirements:
  • 1.Power electronics and related professional, College degree or above, more than 3 years experience in power plant or power management chip development experience
  • 2.Familiar with the performance of the power management chip, to understand the working principle and test method of switching power supply;
  • 3.Strong experience and measuring circuit adjustment ability, skilled use of a variety of commonly used electronic instruments;
  • 4.Ability to work independently, and flexible field response ability, communication ability;
  • 5.Love the professional, able to travel.
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Application Engineer(AE)

  • Workplace: Shanghai Zhangjiang Tech
  • Responsibility:
  • 1. Complete the supervision and evaluation of new product test, prototype design and optimization
  • 2. Communicate with design team to solve the problems in testing
  • 3. Writing and editing is responsible for product marketing materials
  • 4. Participate in major client program design and communication
  • 5. Responsible for project coordination and team development
  • 6. The research and the definition of work involved in new product
  • Requirements:
  • 1.Love this profession
  • 2.3 years or above working experience, College degree or above, power electronics, control theory, electrical or related major
  • 3.Proficient in switching power supply topology used Buck, BuckBoost, Flyback, Forward, LLC circuit and control strategy analysis and design
  • 4.Proficient in design and application of AC/DC system, AC/DC charger, adapter product experience is preferred
  • 5.Familiar with IC's definition, design, application, test and evaluation process.
  • 6.Familiar with the commonly used system simulation and calculation software(LTSpic、Simplis、Mathcad)
  • 7.Have good self management, interpersonal communication and teamwork ability, clear thinking, team management experience is preferred
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IC Analog Circuit Design Engineer (RD)

  • Workplace: Shanghai Zhangjiang Tech
  • Responsibility:
  • 1. Responsible for the overall planning and design of circuit analog circuit IC;
  • 2. Complete the analysis and improvement of circuit simulation, circuit design and optimization;
  • 3. Guide Layout layout design engineer;
  • 4. Preparation of project related documents.
  • Requirements:
  • 1.Bachelor degree or above, electronic information engineering, microelectronics and other related professional;
  • 2.3 years and above experience with undergraduate, graduate or doctoral and more than 1 years experience, with high voltage AC/DC analog circuit design experience is preferred;
  • 3.Familiar with analog circuit IC design process, master and skilled in using Cadence/Virtuoso/Hspice software;
  • 4.With high voltage power management chip wiring and testing experience, understand the design of high voltage power management IC card application PCB;
  • 5.Proficient in AC/DC and DC/DC topology structure, control structure of DC/DC conversion chip;
  • 6.The following circuit development experience:linear regulators ,swicthing regulators ,charge-pumps ,PLLs ,op-amps ,comparators ,battery chargers ,DC/DC power conversion ,AC/DC power supply ,ADC/DAC ,etc.;
  • 7.Good team spirit, good communication, coordination and project work, good learning ability, love the professional.
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Sales Manager

  • Workplace:ShenZhen
  • Responsibility:
  • 1.Responsible for the company's power management chip sales in the designated area, on time to complete the company's assigned tasks;
  • 2. Responsible for regional channel distribution maintenance and supervision, follow up and coordinate market development work;
  • 3. Finish the performance, price, competition means and collation of competitors in the region
  • 4.Detailed records of customer information and filing, and timely feedback the relevant information to the leadership or relevant departments;
  • 5. Do a good job of coordination and communication with various departments, and keep a smooth connection between the work and the departments
  • Requirements:
  • 1.College degree or above, major in electrical or electronic engineering.
  • 2.At least 2 years experience in semiconductor chip marketing, sales or technical support;
  • 3.More than one year working experience in channel sales, with experience in STB / Notebook power supply, lighting power supply, chargers, switching power supply and other channel market development experience is preferred;
  • 4.Familiar with product market dynamics and distributor system, distributor channel development and management experience is preferred;
  • 5.Strong interpersonal communication, coordination and organization skills, strong oral skills;
  • 6.Strong logical thinking ability, analytical ability, strong organization
  • 7.Strong ability to express and organize text.
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