Built-in 50V Ultra-low on-state Resistance SR MOSFET(15mΩ,VDD=5V)

◆ Synchronous Rectification Power Switch

◆ Suited for Low-Side of Flyback Converters in QR and DCM  Operation

◆ Programable Green Mode Control for Energy Saving at Light Load

◆ <1mA Quiescent Current for Energy Saving



Offline AC/DC Flyback Converter for

◆   AC/DC Adaptors

◆   Open-frame SMPS

    SF7201 is a secondary-side Synchronous Rectification (SR) power switch. It built in a 50V ultra low on state resistance(typical 15mΩ,VDD=5V) SR MOSFET for improving efficiency in Discontinuous Conduction Mode(DCM) and Quasi-Resonant(QR) flyback converters

     SF7201 integrates functions and protections of Under Voltage Lockout(UVLO),VDD Clamper ,etc.

     SF7201 is available in SOP-8 package.