• Built-in soft start function
  • Built-in synchronous slope compensation
  • Pins Floating Protection
  • Very Low Startup Current
  • High Voltage CMOS Process with Excellent ESD Protection
  • Frequency Reduction and Burst Mode Control for Energy Saving
  • Programmable switching frequency
  • Current Mode Control
  • Built-in Frequency Shuffling
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
  • Built-in Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)
  • Constant Power Limiting
  • Audio Noise Free Operation
  • VDD under voltage lockout (UVLO)
  • 运用

    Offline AC/DC Flyback Converter for
  • AC/DC Adaptors
  • Open-frame SMPS
  • Set-Top Box Power Supplies
  • ATX Standby Power
      • SF1565 is a high performance, highly integrated current mode PWM controller for offline flyback converter applications. 
        In SF1565,the PWM switching is internally trimmed to tight range 。To improve EMI performance,the IC integrates frequency shuffling function to reduce conduction EMI emission of a power supply .the IC also integrates Content Power Limiting block to achieve constant output power limit from 90VAC to 264VAC.
        Under light load conditions, a green mode function can continuously decrease the switching frequency .Under zero-load conditions; the power supply enters into burst mode and provides excellent efficiency without audio noise generated .This green mode function enables power supplies to meet international power conservation requirements. 
        SF1565 integrates functions and protections of Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), VCC Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting (OCP), All Pins Floating Protection, Over Load Protection (OLP), RT Pin Short-to-GND Protection, Gate Clamping, VCC Clamping, Leading Edge Blanking (LEB). 
        In SF1565, the all Protection functions are auto recovery mode protection. 
        SF1565 is available in SOP-8, DIP-8 packages.